Abour Cherif, Ph.D.

Dr_A_CherifDr. Abour Cherif for the past 13 years is affiliated with the DeVry University System as a member of the administration at the Home Office. He served in different capacities such as Director of Faculty Development, Director of Science and Mathematics programs, and National Associate Dean, Program Development in Science, Mathematics, and Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Prior to his arrival at DeVry University Home Office he served as the Director of Science Method Courses in the MAT program of Teaching Science at Columbia College Chicago.

He holds a BS in Biology, an MA in Teaching Biology and a Ph.D. in Science Curriculum and Instruction. He has taught graduate and undergraduate, science and methods courses in British Columbia, Canada and Illinois. He has been a Professor, Department Coordinator, Director of Faculty Development, and a National Dean.

His professional work includes research in Leadership Development, Faculty Development, Innovative Approaches in Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Development, Utilizing Technology in the Teaching of Science and Mathematics, and innovative approached in Science and Mathematics Education. He has published more than 200 articles, 10 books, dozens of Student Laboratory Manuals and Virtual Labs.

He has served as the president the American Association of University Administrators, vice president of the Aristotle Academy, members of the advisory committee of the American Community Schools of Athens, Greece, member of the board of director of the International institute of Human Factor Development, and a member of the Association for multicultural science education.

He was an Evaluator for the Illinois Board of Education for Continuing Accreditation Program Approval for science and environmental education, a developer and evaluator for the Chicago Public School assessment tests for high school biology and earth science competencies. He is a consultant/evaluator for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (Chicago, IL) and a member of the National Advisory Board of the Chamberlain College of Nursing.

Dr. Cherif he has also contributed to the Journal of Human Factor Studies as its Editor (1999 – 2003). In addition he is a member of the editorial board of professional journals such as the Journal of Higher Education Management the Science Education Review, and he Journal of College Science Teaching

Dr. Cherif has received Leadership and Educational awards from diverse academic and social institutions and organizations such as the American Association of University Administrators, the International Institute for Human Factor Development, the National Association of Biology Teachers, The Illinois Science Teachers Association, Columbia College Chicago, The Illinois Institute of Art , DeVry University, and Pearson Education.