John Papadakis, M.B.A.

PapadakisJohn Papadakis is the Director of Enrolment Management, Communications & Technology at ACS Athens (American Community Schools) since 2005 with a proven and successful record of accomplishments in the field of international education. As a senior level administrator, he brings a wealth of experiences and insight from serving the needs of a unique student population of over 60 nationalities and aims to capitalise on it to successfully transition to Higher Education.

He holds an executive M.B.A. degree from the University of Indianapolis and has a strong academic background in Communications and Technology from U.S. institutions. After 14 years in the United States, where he served education in different capacities as teacher, tutor, and administrator, he returned to Greece in 2001 where he was involved in technology projects as a training consultant and as a project manager in new media related companies (e-Commerce, onlineContent Management Systems, web 2.0, etc.).

His undergraduate studies in the U.S. include an associate degree in Electronics Engineering and a B.A. in Communications/Electronic Media Production. John Papadakis has served as the Director of Communications of the international non-profit non-governmental entity Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) – North and South America Region, based in Chicago, from 1995-2001, covering and promoting the activities of the ethnic Greek community in the American continent.