Educators Leaders: Inspiring Learners to Transform Society by Becoming Architects of their Own Learning

by Jenny E. Grigoropoulos & Stefanos Gialamas,

published in International Journal of Progressive Education, October 2018

In the evolving global stage, educators are continuously challenged to keep up with the changing expectations and unknown future needs of their students. Educators must engage in professional development and growth through numerous practices, including the pursuit of graduate studies in higher education institutions. Their curiosity, love, compassion, accountability, and eagerness to learn are some of the motivators that drive life-long learners to seek their personal and professional goals. When leaders and administrators support this learning process, they lead their organizations to innovation and change, while building on employee morale, pride, loyalty, and providing guidance towards high performance for their students, educators, and community, as a whole. Meanwhile, educators become teaching and learning leaders inspiring their students to become architects of their own learning in order to transform society and promote justice and fair trade leading by example. Furthermore, it is essential that educational institutions provide a consistent, high-quality academic experience in order for their students to become citizens and leaders of the world, especially given the level and degree of local, national, and global challenges that societies face. This can be achieved through the provision of a holistic, harmonious educational experience, guided by ethical discipline and universal principles and values while attending to students’ needs and competencies.

Educators Leaders_ Inspiring Learners to Transform Society by Becoming Architects of their Own Learning, Internatyional Journal of Progressive Education, Volume 14, Issue October 2018