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Gialamas portrait

On behalf of the global Morfosis paradigm (gMp) Team and Contributors, I would like to welcome you to the gMp Website.

The global Morfosis paradigm (gMp) promotes strategic approaches, innovative methodologies, and a leadership philosophy that guides educational institutions in its adoption and implementation.

This paradigm is a dynamic 3-dimensional model consisting of 3 inseparable, interconnected and interrelated components. These are: the Morfosis Educational Philosophy, the i²Flex Delivery Methodology and the “Aristeia” Leadership approach.

Now more than ever, we need to focus in providing a consistent, high quality academic experience for our young people. The local, national, regional and global challenges are very visible and intense. Social, economic and ethical struggles are making people skeptical, concerned and sometimes fearful.

We must provide our young people with a meaningful, holistic, harmonious educational experience, guided by ethical discipline and universal principles and values. We believe that the global Morfosis paradigm is necessary now, more than ever, in order to inspire young people to transform the world by becoming architects of their own learning. To accomplish that, we need to redefine several concepts such as “education”, “educators”, “teaching and learning” and finally “shaping the character” of a student.

The gMp website provides a platform, a unique vehicle, for such meaningful and significant discourse.

Stefanos Gialamas, Ph.D.
gMp Founder